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Enter the world of

Nox Corvum

Jewelry as unique as you are...

The Nox Corvum Story

My artwork (Nox Corvum) is a relationship between many influences, all playing harmoniously off one another. It is first a relationship between nature (stones and metal) and man (the wearer). My work is inspired by history and culture, past and present, which gives my jewelry a vintage style with a contemporary design. I strive to balance beauty with function and wearability, while creating heirloom pieces that will carry the past into the future. I am inspired by color and texture, movement, seasons, sounds, memories, and moods. My strength in technique produces a quality piece that will stand up to daily wear, and last throughout generations, until it, too, becomes a relic in its own right.

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What People Are Saying

It came! Such a beautiful presentation 
coming out of the postal envelope. 
The box! Your "Thank You" even your business cards!
Well done! When I opened the box (slowly I enjoy the process) my heart flew! I knew when I saw your work online that this would be my life's transitional piece; my totem. Letting go of what was; looking forward to what's ahead!
Thanks so much.

~~ Vicki Lee

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