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Aquamarine is said to symbolize youth and happiness, and it is the birthstone for March. For crystal healing enthusiasts, aquamarine is often paired with heart stones, such as rhodonite, green opal, rose quartz, pink halite, chrysocolla, and green calcite, where the combination of powers is thought to speed the healing of the heart when used in meditation.

This cabochon is more green than blue, but still holds the colors of the sea. The natural inclusions remind one of sand and shore, and this piece has a bit of a magical feeling. Wrapped in solid sterling silver, the frame is meant to decorate and secure the stone without detracting from it or covering it up. A simple, small piece, it is elegant and whimsical as well. 

The pendant measures approximately 2 inches long and 3/4 inch wide, and the pictured 18 inch chain is included. The piece ships in a decorative box, tied with a beautiful satin ribbon, ready for gifting. As with all of my work, it is an artisan piece that is hand crafted. Each piece is one of a kind, and you will receive the exact item pictured above. 

Seaside Pendant

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