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Trapiche crystals are some of the rarest types of crystals on Earth. Very specific geologic conditions need to occur for this geometric phenomenon to take place. Amethyst is one such stone that has been found with the trapiche pattern. The characteristic mark of a trapiche crystal is the angle at which the crystal formations are arranged inside the stone. This crystal has a V shaped area of intense dark purple surrounded by light, almost clear crystal with nice clarity. Overall these are just beautiful stones with lovely patterning.

This pendant is wrapped in solid sterling silver and all of the weaving/wrapping is done by hand. The pendant measures approximately 2’’ long by 3/4" wide and the pictured 18’’ chain is included. The piece ships in a decorative box, tied with a beautiful satin ribbon, ready to be gifted. These creations are hand crafted, one of a kind artisan pieces and you will receive the necklace shown above.

Violet Snow Pendant

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