Once in awhile I get my hands on what is called Super Blue Labradorite. From the photos you can see why this is special. The intensity of the blue color in this stone is hard to put into words. You can see for yourself that it's stunning.

Legend has it that the Inuit's believed that the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, had fallen from the sky and had become trapped in the rock. A brave warrior, tasked with setting the Northern Lights free, struck the rocks with his spear and managed to free most of the lights. There were however, some lights that remained trapped in the rocks, and these resulted in the Labradorescence that we can see today in Labradorite.

This unique setting is hand crafted of solid copper, and a patina has been added to bring out the fine details. The pendant measures approximately 3¼ inches long, 1½ inches wide, and the 18 inch chain pictured is included. It will ship in a decorative box tied with a beautiful satin box perfect for gifting!

Sway Pendant