Small Rolo Chain

Small Rolo Chain


This standard chain is available in several lengths to give you options for your pendants. All pendants are easily interchangable from one size chain to another, and to most leather cords. Having several on hand will give you plenty of options to change the look of your pendants and make them even more versatile with different pieces of your wardrobe! This chain is a 2mm Belcher style chain, and is made of copper over brass, to give it good strength and durability. See photos for size reference. All chains come completed with the hook pictured. 

  • Care instructions

    All chains should be cleaned by simply washing with Dawn dish soap and warm water, and then drawn through a soft cloth. In most cases this is enough to remove any surface dirt and body oils built up on the chain. Please NEVER clean with commercial jewelry cleaners, as this can damage the chain beyond repair. 

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