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This is a special piece, conceived in my head long before it was brought forth by my hands. The solid copper wire sings in this piece, with lines that echo against one another to create interesting ripples. The weaving is the focus, with just a few faceted Labradorite beads for accent. 

The concept of this piece relies heavily on negative space to create the airy feeling, while the weaving provides intricacy and detail. The patina brings attention to those details, simultaneously creating an antique feel. For the chain, nothing less than hand crafted would do, and each barrel link is made one at a time, connected to the next as it is made.

This is a statement piece, by definition. Yet, it is very wearable. The lightweight feel of it makes it comfortable for all day wear, and it will be a head turner no matter where you take it. Since it's copper, you can pair it with your favorite jeans. It works just as well with a chic black dress if you want to take it along for an evening out. 

The mannequin pictured is a size 16/18, and the piece is approximately 6 inches from side to side. It is meant to lay with the uppermost medalion at the collarbone, curving gently along the neck. This piece will ship in a decorative box, tied with a beautiful satin ribbon. 


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