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Blue apatite, like many other gemstones, has multiple purported benefits and holds a great deal of meaning. People have suggested that it can help with motivation, ambition, self-confidence and self-acceptance. In general, blue gemstones are associated with the mind’s connection to the spiritual world. This doesn’t necessarily mean any kind of organized religion, but rather an opening of your mind and heart, which allows you to access your authentic self.
It has also been associated with psychic perception and the ability to access the realm of the paranormal – and sometimes even being an aid to those doing past-life work. This ability in turn promotes creativity, as it enables people to get in touch with parts of their spirit and the mental world that were previously forgotten. 
The apatite stone lends itself to this collection, titled Nazca Dreams as it came about while contemplating the lines found at the Nazca site.  The mysteries of the lines are enchanting in their own right, and here a similar tracing has been done using copper wire. The beads and the strong geometric design of these pieces hints at crop circle patterns as well. All in all, this collection is a large step away from my typical work, which I hope you'll find intriguing. 

This particular pendant measures approximately 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. The pictured 18 inch chain is included. The piece ships in a decorative box, tied with a beautiful satin bow, perfect for gifting.

Nazca Dreams I

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