Labradorite crystal gets its name from the town of Labrador, Canada, where the stone was discovered. It only takes one look at Labradorite’s flashy iridescence to understand where the many native legends about this stone come from. According to native Canadian tribal lore, Labradorite is said to contain the Northern Lights, known as the Aurora Borealis. In the myth, it is believed that the lights were “set free” by one of their ancestors who broke through the rocks with his spear. The lights that remained were set into stone, and thus Labradorite was born. 

Labradorite’s most renowned quality is known as labradorescence. This is what makes the stone transform from a blue-ish gray to a show of neon illuminations in light. 

This remarkable cabochon is wrapped point side down in an intricately woven frame of solid copper wire. Utmost care was taken with the details of this hand crafted piece. The size of the stone warrants extra bracing on the back side to keep it set securely in place, but rest assured the stone is safe and sound in its frame. The bail is a triple set of weaves, ensuring secure suspension from the bold chain the pendant is suspended from. This piece is unisex, and very sizable. It is a stunning piece that will assuredly attract plenty of attention no matter what you pair it with. It can be worn with jeans as easily as a sharp suit or little black dress. The possibilities are endless with this piece. 

As stated, it is a large pendant. It measures approximately 3 5/8 inches in length and 1 3/4 inches across the broadest portion. The pictured 18 inch chain is included, and different lengths are available upon request by leaving a note at checkout. The pendant will arrive in a decorative box and tied with a beautiful satin bow, ready for gifting to yourself or someone you adore! 

Mystic Labradorite Pendant