Petrified palm root from Indonesia is a special feature of petrified wood. The root in this stone has been replaced by silicon dioxide, which means that one could call it palm root agate. you can still see the same structures in the fossilized palm root as in a fresh root. The beautiful light and dark contrasts add to the appearance. This makes the petrified palm root from Indonesia unique. Petrified wood is stone that originated from trees that ended up under thick layers of volcanic ash. The ash contains all kinds of minerals that slowly dissolve in the groundwater. Because the trees are no longer in contact with oxygen, the wood does not rot as quickly as normal. In the meantime, the groundwater saturates the tree with minerals which are deposited in the wood cells. Slowly but surely, the wood decays and the minerals take the place of the wood cells. This is done very slowly so that the structure of the wood is perfectly preserved in the minerals.


Petrified wood is the stone of wisdom, it imparts psychic ability and gives you a sense of security when you feel disconnected from the world. Palm root has the additional property that it ensures balance between body and mind. Especially for people who are busy in their head, palm root can bring peace.

This Eye Palm Root cabochon is wrapped in solid copper wire, with intricately woven details that decorate the stone. A patina has been added to give depth to the weaving and impart an antique look about the pendant. 

This piece measures approximately 2 1/4 inches long from the top of the bail and is a bit more than an inch wide at the widest point. The pictured 18 inch chain is included. The pendant will arrive in a decorative box, tied with a beautiful satin bow, ready for gifting. 

Indonesian Eye Palm Root Pendant