About the Sonora Sunrise stone:

Known as the stone of empowerment and freedom, Sonora Sunset draws from all three of the stones it is comprised of:Chrysocolla is associated with serenity, tranquility, peace, patience, tolerance, acceptance, unconditional love, meditation, calmness, hope gentleness and sensitivity.Curptie is helpful for reducing worries about things one has no control over, awareness, teaching, and delivering spiritual messages.Tenorite is said to promote Earth healing, encourages adaptability and versatility in our nature and eases fears and insecurities.This stone is said to bring new hope and freedom to lead your future life, help you get un-stuck in your daily routine and provide the passion to make the most of each experience. Sonora Sunset is also credited with providing the courage to face your challenges and the creativity to help you overcome those challenges smoothly and easily. In addition, it is said to obliterate stress, fear and anxiety. Who doesn't need some help in that department?

This pendant is hand woven of solid copper wire, with decorative weaving meant to highlight and frame the stone. Each piece in this collection is wrapped in a unique way to produce a one of a kind, heirloom quality piece of jewelry. The pieces are tied together by color and style, and you will notice weave patterns repeated throughout the designs.

This pendant measures approximately 2 1/4 inches long and 1 1/8 inch wide, and the pictured 18 inch chain is included. The piece ships in a decorative box, tied with a beautiful satin bow, and ready for gifting!

Flourish IX