Charoite is a rare mineral, found only in one place in the world in the Sakha Republic area of Siberia, Russia. Charoite is a naturally vibrant purple color with swirls of shimmering lavender. It commonly has inclusions of black Aegirine and occurs with Canasite and Tinaksite. Known as a powerful healing stone, it is thought to convert negative emotions into positive actions. It is said to inspire us to act with kindness and compassion.

This Charoite bracelet is clasped with a delicate dragonfly toggle clasp. The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

The traditional association of Dragonflies with water also gives rise to this meaning to this amazing insect. The Dragonfly’s scurrying flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life.

For many, the dragonfly also is symbolic of those who have passed returning to this realm to check in on their loved ones. Whatever you believe, the earrings, even without any symbolic or metaphysical meanings, are lovely. The deep purple stones are striking, but at a length of approximately 2 3/8 inches they're not overwhelming. Pair them with the Cuppedium Charoite bracelet for a beautiful combination. The earrings will arrive in a decorative box with a stunning satin bow, perfect for gifting!

Charoite Dragonfly Earrings