The stars have been observed for as long as man has walked the Earth. From wonderment to navigation, storytelling and timekeeping, the stars have been with us since the beginning, constant celestial companions and guides. The Celestia collection pays homage to these sky dwellers, whom we look to for understanding and beguilement.

Pairing the star pattern variations with Labradorite seems only fitting, as the stone is named for the Aurora Borealis, another heavenly phenomenon. The offerings in this collection are meant to be paired, but can certainly take center stage and stand alone. No

Celestia I is a major constellation, featuring a super star focal, along with two smaller stars in her orbit. The lower links of the chain are also handmade pieces and the added Labradorite beads give her a bit more sparkle. The full necklace measures approximately 28 inches, not including the pendant length. If you would like to have the length adjusted please leave a note at check out. The piece ships in a decorative box, tied with a beautiful satin ribbon, perfect for gifting to yourself or a special someone!

Celestia I