Who are you, anyway?

When considering the starting point for a blog, I thought the best place to begin might be to tell you just a little about me. Now, I'm reluctant to do this, since I have pretty much avoided talking about myself online for the last five years. I am the hands behind Nox Corvum, and that's been enough for me. But sometimes I forget that people might like to know just a bit more. To begin, my name is Stacy. I am firstly a mom, and also a daughter and sister and friend. In the last several years, I have added artist to that list, fulfilling a dream that I've had since childhood. To say I never thought that would be possible is accurate, and I'm nearly as shocked as anyone that I have come so far on this path. Passion is a great motivator, and though it sounds cliche, I have to admit that following my dreams has been the best path for me. More about that later. Oddly enough, I did an interview for a blog article today, which will appear in the near future on Carved Culture. One of the questions was what my inspirations are. I would have to say that firstly, nature inspires me. I have been fascinated with rocks since I was very young. I never learned much about them, or took the time to study them, but in the process of becoming a jewelry artist, I have had to educate myself to some degree. I rely heavily on the kind people who supply my stones, most specifically Garrett Warnock, without whom I would never have been able to have a business, and Julez Buell, who has aided me countless times and has the patience of a saint. Another inspiration is my love of antique things of all kinds. That’s not limited to jewelry, I find that I’m drawn to furniture, art, lamps, silverware, all kinds of things that have history. I love the idea of heirlooms, things that endure, things that have stories to be told, and thus my desire to make new things look aged. I love the process of adding a patina to my jewelry, because it instantly gives this effect, and I am never satisfied until this step is complete. Also, I have to admit that I love steampunk. The victorian elements are attractive to me, and combined with the mechanical aspects, I find it all so interesting. I believe that steampunk carries its own narrative, and making something new from something old is an aesthetic I certainly appreciate. The road that led me to become a wire artist was quite unplanned and accidental, but in summary, it started as a hobby. Trust me when I say that in the beginning it was a rocky road at best, and my talent was NOT evident. Some days I thank my boredom at the time for ensuring that I continued researching and practicing, because had I not been injured and pregnant, I’d likely have found something else to keep myself busy. Yet, I did persist after all, and eventually things started to make sense. I had plenty of help along the way, which is why I always try to help those who are trying to learn if I’m able. Whenever I’m asked how long it took me to learn to wire wrap, I would say I learn every day. Because it’s an ever-changing medium, there is always a new technique, or new combination, a fresh interpretation of an old idea, and with the availability of other artists (thanks to the internet) we are able to piggy back off of each other. There is no shortage of challenges but that holds my interest. As for practice, well… overall I’d say that I put in between 30-50 hours a week, and generally work on something every day. I don’t get burned out because wire weaving is an obsession for me, and that level of passion is absolutely necessary if one is to maintain a business. All of those factors allow me to share what I do with you, and for that, and your support, I couldn’t be more grateful. To each and every one of you who owns and wears my jewelry, or makes positive comments, shares my posts and and refers family and friends, please know that I appreciate you all so much. When I say thank you, it is with sincerity. If not for you, after all, there would be no Nox Corvum. With that in mind, if you have thoughts, questions or curiosities, please feel free to inquire. I’d be happy to have subjects to continue blogging about, since I’m certainly no writer. I will do the best I’m able though, and with your help, we will continue this journey together.

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