Eritque Arcus Collection

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my first collection, Eritque Arcus. In Latin, that means Rainbow. In all the time I have been making jewelry, the Labradorite stone has been my favorite by far. It only makes sense that it would be the focal point of my first collective effort. Labradorite has unique qualities that make each and every cabochon a stand alone, with no two being exactly alike. It has an ethereal look and feel about it, and many people consider it to indeed be a magical mineral. You will not see Labradorite in jewelry stores that produce in mass quantities, simply because of the wide variations of color and features. Perhaps that is the reason that artisans who do custom work, and clients who appreciate handmade pieces have grown to love this particular gem. I hope that you'll enjoy the collection, and as always if you have any questions simply send a message and I will gladly answer. Happy shopping! 

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